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Oh, you look so stiff and tight. Does your back hurt? I bet it does. You need some attention to work those muscles and to get that soreness out. If I may, I'm probably the best at giving sensual massage Las Vegas experiences in the entire city. There isn't going to be a single muscle in your body that isn't stress free when I'm done with you. And don't you worry, everything is moved to completion when I give a Las Vegas erotic massage.

I will be very glad to accompany you to dinners, your business events, enjoying parties and nightlife. I am available for long terms meetings. I also love arts, monuments, visiting opera, etc. I have a love for those thing because I was raised on the east coast. I started working with the Philly Escorts but I wanted something bigger and better, so I moved to Vegas. I am a great companion for romantic meetings anywhere simply romantic and if you are not familiar with Las Vegas, no worries as I can take you to very nice places you will never easily forget. I am open minded with passion, love to laugh and try new things and I love to see nice places, have cultural evenings or just to have a lovely bath and chatting with glass of wine. I am a lady who knows how to be great company in every situation and how to enjoy every moment in my life with style, grace and self-confidence.

My name is Shannon. I have a great job as a Las Vegas escort. I get to meet many people and have fun with them. I want you to be one of them. Las Vegas is the place you want to be if you are looking to have fun. Everything here is built and designed with fun in mind. It does not matter what your interests are. You will have fun at the end of the day. Your chances of having fun in sin city increase when you are in the company of Las Vegas escorts. That is just how it is. Anybody who knows this simple fact always has the best time in Las Vegas. The reason is simple. Our life revolves around having fun. We know all the best places to have fun. In addition, we know different ways you can have fun. Some, like me, are more than escorts. Besides being an escort, I am also a stripper at Crazy Horse III. It is one of the best strip clubs in Vegas and you can come check me out there. For all of you who like to confirm before dealing, you can come and see me do my thing before you can have me as your escort.

There are many Las Vegas escorts and some of them are not professional. Therefore, if you get a chance to verify the identity of the escort before spending time with her, it is to your advantage. You can do that with me. There are, however, things that set me apart from the other escorts. For starters, I do not compete with anybody. I set my own standards and strive to surpass them. In addition, I only offer VIP services. I do not have different classes or levels of service. It is not worth doing it if it is not VIP. When you are with me, you can always be sure that you will get the best service possible. Like many escorts in Las Vegas and elsewhere, I do a lot to make sure I remain the best I can be for you. I go to the gym so that I can have this well and evenly toned body that you love, maintain my figure for you and I go for yoga so that I can have greater body flexibility just for you.

I love having fun. It is what led me to this job in the first place. If you want to have fun, what better way to have it than with someone whose life is defined by it? Just looking at my photos alone makes you want to be with me. Looking at my sexy eyes makes you know I am naughty and you want a piece of it. And as you look at that perfect ass and stunning tits, you know you want to see them up close. Do not worry. They are all here just for you. If you think you like them in the photos, wait until you see them up close. They look better when seen up close. I am a good dancer and that is what makes me good at being a stripper. When you see me dance and get to see how I whine my waist and shake my ass, you will drool. My tits moving up and down with every movement will make you forget where you are. In short, you will not want to be anywhere else once you are alone with me. You will enjoy all these things alone. Not like in strip clubs where others will be looking at us and feasting albeit with their eyes. This one will be a private show for you. You will enjoy more than people do at strip clubs.

I love spending time with you alone in your hotel room or in your house. I get to show you what makes me the best Las Vegas escort. But I also love going out. And if you want to have a little fun in the club or somewhere else before we go back to your hotel room or house, I will make it a time to remember. I know the Las Vegas social scene and will take you anywhere you want to go. Once we are there, I know what to do to make it a memorable one. I like being naughty with you outdoors and giving you a glimpse of just how naughty I can be indoors. However naughty I am, nobody will know about it. I am that discreet and that good. I love trying new things and have a very adventurous spirit. Once this adventurous spirit takes over, you will have an amazing time. That is guaranteed.

There are many things we can do together in Las Vegas. We can have pool parties at places like Rehab or I can be your lucky charm whenever you want to have fun gambling. If fast cars are your thing, we can go to the motor way and enjoy a race or two. I am one of the escorts who know how to balance between taking the lead and letting you take it. If you want an escort who can play the trophy escort, girl or even girlfriend, I can do it perfectly. If on the other hand you want me to take the lead, I can take you on a journey of fun you have never been on. You will love it of course. These are not the only things I can do for you. I can also invite another escort and together, we can show you what Las Vegas escorts are all about. You can also watch me doing a naughty solo. If you want a time to remember in Las Vegas, do not look any further. I am here to make sure that you have the best time yet. Call me and get to understand what makes escorts in Las Vegas the best in the world. My number is 702 979-1944.